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Rolling mill

Jewellers Tools – Part 1

OK so I have decided to show you some of my lovely tools that I use in my jewellery making workshop, but rather than bore you to death with every single tool I thought I would talk about one particular piece of equipment every so often. So this time it’s the turn of the rolling mill. As far as jewellers tools go you can’t go wrong with a rolling mill. Mine is made by Durston, a British company with an excellent reputation which has been running for years. A friend of mine has got a Durston rolling mill and has had it for over 30 years and its still going strong, they are certainly made to last!

The top of the mill has two round rollers, these are for rolling out sheet metal, making sheet thinner or can be used for embossing as shown below.


Leaf embossed silver

The bottom rollers, seen as a series of grooves and are used for making square wire. The grooves are largest on the left and gradually reduce in size toward the right. These are for turning round wire into square, rolling square wire thinner and can even turn a nugget of silver or gold into wire, as shown below.
recycled silver

Recycled silver

The left hand side of the rolling mill turns wire into D shaped wire, suitable for making rings. So there you have it one of my favourite jewellers tools! A very useful piece of equipment!