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Here is a stunning amethyst and diamond ring. Believe it or not this ring is made from old jewellery! 3 old 18ct gold rings in fact. One had 6 diamonds which were removed before all 3 rings where melted down. Once melted down the gold was then shaped and formed into the ring shank. The gallery setting was made next from sterling silver to house the amethyst stone. This was bought by the client. The original diamonds were replaced in a flush setting, 3 along each of the shoulders of the ring shank. So from old jewellery and something new too stunning beautiful jewellery can be made.

My client was very specific about the size, design and look of the ring, which does help a great deal when making a ring of such large proportions. The enclosed gallery setting contrasts perfectly with the amethyst stone and the 18ct gold and the diamonds give it some extra bling!

I absolutely love this ring! Would you like an amethyst and diamond ring too?

Project Details