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Corrugated cuff

Jewellers Tools – Part 2
The next jewellers tool we are going to look at is the micro folder. This ingenious device allows metal to be folded and from there to create corrugated jewellery.


Micro folding machine

The device is clamped into a vice to make it stable. The two top knobs are turned to 0 to calibrate the two corrugated steel rollers. The two rollers can be opened and closed by turning the two knobs. Once calibrated the rollers can be opened to a fixed setting metal can be rolled through to produce the corrugated effect. The metal needs to be softened before it is rolled through the device so that a sharp corrugated effect is made. Then the metal can be cut and shaped to make very bespoke corrugated jewellery. Here are a gorgeous pair of earrings to show the effect.
Corrugated earrings

Micro folded silver earrings

All sorts of jewellery can be made from cuffs to earrings to rings. Different metal types can be used to make corrugated jewellery including copper, sterling silver and gold.