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handcrafted wedding rings

Make your own wedding rings workshops. These fantastic workshops allow you and your partner to make your wedding rings in just one day. In my fully equipped workshop you and your partner will be guided through the whole process from metal to ring with lots of fun along the way. I have developed my ‘Make your own wedding rings’ workshops so that anyone can make their own rings, yes complete novices!

Make your own wedding rings

Fully equipped workshop

On a pre-meet before the workshop we will have discussed and agreed your wedding ring designs and the type of precious metal being used. On the day you’ll be shown the specialist tools you’ll be using and we’ll plan how we are making the rings based on your chosen design.

Wedding ring workshop

Starting to make a wedding ring

After a practice run you’ll begin! You’ll be guided on sizing the rings, making them to the right width and thickness and shaping them around any other rings, especially engagement rings! You’ll use techniques such as sawing, filing and soldering. These are the first steps to form your rings.

wedding rings

Soldering a wedding ring

Once the rings are formed you’ll hammer and shape your ring. At this point you’ll check you have the sizing correct! Once the sizes are correct then we continue on with making the rings look perfect! We will continue to follow your specific designs.

Wedding ring workshop

Filing a ring

Once all the filing has been completed and the designs are all perfect we will give the rings a final polish. For those wanting a high shine you’ll use both a pendant drill and motorised polisher for a super shine! Now your rings are finished!

Making a wedding ring

Polishing a wedding ring

After the ‘Make your own wedding rings’ workshop is over I will send your wedding rings to the Birmingham Assay Office for full hallmarking. You’ll be given a CD with all the photo’s taken on the day so that you’ll have something to show you friends and family in the years to come! So why not book yourselves a ‘Make your own wedding rings’ workshop today x