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Just to let you know that I have now got a new online shop! With a lot of hard work from my husband and

Garnet ring

Silver and gold ring with Garnet

myself we have managed to get it together. I have added some jewellery pieces and am proud to  have it up and running. I know the images my not be so fantastic but believe me the jewellery is gorgeous, even if I say so myself!

There is a featured section so I’ll be able to show off anything new that I’ve done. Items will change over time in this section. Then there are categories where my jewellery is listed by type. For each item click on the image and click again to get a full description of the item. Then simply add your item to the shopping cart. If you want to continue shopping click on the Shop Button at the top of the page. All sales go through PayPal and can be paid directly through PayPal or diverted to a card payment.

Silver dragonfly pendant

Dragonfly pendant

You’ll notice my new Countryside Collection is here!!! I’ll blog more about that another time, but it’s brand spanking new and it is fabulous. More characters and designs will be added to the collection, so keep an eye on the online shop to see what comes along. At the moment the collection includes dragonflies, hedgehogs, butterflies and hares.

So please check out my new online shop and let me know what you think! Feed back would be appreciated. For a visit click here. http://arkcontemporarydesigns.co.uk/index.php/shop/ Many thanks x