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Tag: recycled jewellery

Diamond earrings

Here is a gorgeous diamond ring and earrings made from new gold but clients own diamonds. I took the diamonds out of two old diamond rings. The client and I then agreed upon a design, looking at the size of the diamonds and just how chunky we could go! The ring shank is 9ct white […]

Here are some of my recent commissions requested by clients. These are a pair of 9ct yellow gold earrings made with the clients own old gold jewellery. They are simple but stunning!     Here is another recent commission , this time again using the clients old jewellery, a 9ct yellow gold ring set with a large […]

Wedding rings

The use of gold has been traced back to over 7000 years! The Romans used hydraulic mining methods to extract it and mined extensively in Britain, especially in Wales. Gold was so highly prized by the Egyptians that it was associated with the colour of the dazzling light of the sun and the solar deity […]

Do you ever think of getting cash for gold? If you have old jewellery that’s sitting in your jewellery box doing nothing you may well be very tempted to cash your gold in. But think again! Most people have jewellery that they don’t wear for several reasons; the jewellery is dated or broken, it was […]