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Tag: rings

Diamond earrings

Here is a gorgeous diamond ring and earrings made from new gold but clients own diamonds. I took the diamonds out of two old diamond rings. The client and I then agreed upon a design, looking at the size of the diamonds and just how chunky we could go! The ring shank is 9ct white […]

Jewellery shop

This is a beautiful ring collection of gold and silver rings all individually handcrafted and fully hallmarked. Each one shows different designs and stone setting including claw, collette, cabochon, chenier and gypsy. The possibilities are endless! So do you have a ring collection of your own?

Simple handcrafted yellow gold and white gold wedding rings. Any design considered in gold or silver as commission work, made to fit around an existing engagement ring. Or why not come along as a couple and under supervised tuition make your own weddings rings!

A set of Three Rings showing off collet settings with all the simplicity of contemporary design. Housing Amethyst, Peridot and Topaz gemstones. Beautiful!