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Tag: silver

9ct yellow gold earrings

Well it’s the Winter Arts Market 2014 coming up very soon gearing up for everyone to buy some wonderful handcrafted gifts for Christmas. It takes place at St Georges Hall, Liverpool on Saturday 6th December and Sunday 7th December 10am to 5pm. At the Winter Arts Market 2014 there will be over 200 artists and […]

Corrugated jewellery

Here is a set of gorgeous micro folded sterling silver jewellery. This type jewellery is made using a micro folding machine, or sometimes called a corrugating machine. Once the sterling silver has been corrugated it can be cut and shaped to form gorgeous designs and truly unique jewellery. This set of sterling silver jewellery can […]

Corrugated cuff

Jewellers Tools – Part 2 The next jewellers tool we are going to look at is the micro folder. This ingenious device allows metal to be folded and from there to create corrugated jewellery.The device is clamped into a vice to make it stable. The two top knobs are turned to 0 to calibrate the […]

Press formed amethyst jewellery. This jewellery is made from a technique called press forming, giving it its 3 dimensional shapes. Each piece has been embossed with a real leaf to create a beautiful natural pattern. It is then press into a die using a hydraulic press to give it’s 3d shape. Each part is then […]

Struggling for a unique gift? Then look no further for your Christmas gift ideas! Be bespoke! Commission a unique gift of handcrafted gold or silver jewellery for a totally stunning surprise! A unique Christmas gift idea can be a reality as we can work together to fulfill your design requirements including stones for birth months […]

Welcome to my wobbly bracelet! Made in sterling silver this bracelet has a wobbly design and is chunky yet light to wear. Matching earrings too!

This is my gypsy bracelet. Made in sterling silver each part of this has been handmade so that when worn each link jangles against the next, lovely to wear! Matching earrings too!

A trio of lovely handcrafted oxidised silver rings. Each one has been individually designed to incorporate grooves, channels or bands and then oxidised to turn them black. Then all the outside of the rings are re-polished leaving the designs to be fully appreciated.

Here is a matching sterling silver bangle and ring. Both housing collet settings with gorgeous peridot gemstones.

Here is a set of contemporary jewellery incorporating my Elipse and Orbis designs.