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Wedding rings

The use of gold has been traced back to over 7000 years! The Romans used hydraulic mining methods to extract it and mined extensively in Britain, especially in Wales. Gold was so highly prized by the Egyptians that it was associated with the colour of the dazzling light of the sun and the solar deity […]


Here is May 2014 Newsletter. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter then just go to the about me page and add your email address to the box provided. Hi there! Apologies for a late newsletter but I went on holiday! I’ve been touring Scotland and did over 1200 miles! Had an incredible time […]

handcrafted wedding rings

Make your own wedding rings workshops. These fantastic workshops allow you and your partner to make your wedding rings in just one day. In my fully equipped workshop you and your partner will be guided through the whole process from metal to ring with lots of fun along the way. I have developed my ‘Make […]

Simple handcrafted yellow gold and white gold wedding rings. Any design considered in gold or silver as commission work, made to fit around an existing engagement ring. Or why not come along as a couple and under supervised tuition make your own weddings rings!